CapGainz is taking a bit of a hiatus right now because one of us was at March Madness and the other is dealing with a mold-infested apartment. For now, we will leave you with a bit of deep content and Memes. Rando Read Solid contrarian take on how to invest right now with all of…
Crypto Pop, Neuralink Deep-dive & Elon vs. Twitter
Surprise! U.S. stocks on a bull run, Tesla Master Plan #3, & Insta NFTs
Russia-Ukraine fight continues, $DIDI plummets, & March Madness begins!
Russia-Ukraine causes gas prices to soar, $NFLX says β€˜nyet’, & bail on $BTC?
Russia & Ukraine peace talk, not all good in the $HOOD, & more trouble for $BTC
Russia invasion tanks stocks, Musk vs. SEC, & is a Bitcoin bear market coming?
Russia & Ukraine on brink of war, GameStop is back baby, & Super Bowl LVI betting!
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